4 Swinging Reasons Your Business Needs A Jukebox

Posted on: 11 March 2016

A jukebox is a fun piece of American history that gives a nostalgic vibe to any location. Whether your small business is a restaurant, a salon, or even a store, you will find that adding a jukebox has some terrific benefits. Here are a few. 

Hit the Nostalgia Button

A fabulous, old-fashioned jukebox is something that not every business can boast. Clients will enjoy the originality of seeing and listening to the jukebox in your business, and curious folks will be more likely to come take a look. 

Older clients will also appreciate the memories sparked by choosing music on a jukebox. It's an activity they can remember and share with children and grandchildren. 

Put Some Coins in the Slot

You could offer clients and customers a free jukebox, but most of these musical machines are coin- and credit card–operated. You may have heard about dropping a dime in the jukebox, but the price has gone way up since those days. 

If you want to make money with your purchase, consider a modern jukebox with touch screen controls that allows the user complete access to thousands of songs. Some jukeboxes even play games, take pictures and connect to social media. 

Even if your jukebox is free to customers, you are still likely to find that it brings in money. When customers are offered a fun and useful item like a jukebox, they will spend more time at your business. That translates into higher profits for you. 

Get Customers Dancing 

Malt shops and restaurants just a few decades ago nearly always offered people a place to dance. Dancing is a fun activity that nearly anyone can do, and many people would jump at a chance to let loose at a popular local business. 

Set your jukebox up next to a dance floor, or just a large space where people can move, and encourage your clients to dance. You will soon develop a core group of regular customers, and you will see your business grow.

Highlight Your Brand

As the only business with a working jukebox, you will stand out among other businesses in your area. When you have something new and different, customers begin talking about it. Once word gets around, everyone will want to come and see what is so special about your place. 

A jukebox is a great addition to any customer-based business because it represents fun in a simpler time. Whether you choose a modern jukebox or an antique, you will find that the benefits to your business are numerous.