Why You Should Consider Music Summer Camp Even If Your Child Isn't Interested In Music

Posted on: 3 June 2016

Are you a parent who wishes that your child was interested in music? Perhaps you have tried to introduce them to music in various ways with little success in perking their interest. If so, as you explore summer camp opportunities, do not overlook the benefits that a music summer camp could offer your little one. The following are some of the benefits that your child could get from music camp even if they are not presently showing signs of interest in music.

Peer Communication

Some children are not initially interested in certain activities, but they may meet other children in their age group who help them to develop a passion for activities. It is also possible that your child will connect with others who feel like music is a "foreign note," and they may be more willing to participate in activities with these children who can relate to how they feel about learning to love music. 

Exposure to Various Music Types

Perhaps you have only exposed your child to the types of music that interest you. Enrolling them in a camp that offers instruction and exploration for various types of music could help them to discover "musical notes" that ignite their own love for music. Although their musical taste may differ from yours, you both might eventually find that sharing music together is a way to bond.

Introduction to Other Music-Related Talents

Some children are not interested in music because they assume it means that they may have to learn to play instruments. Music camps that offer other programs which aspire young musicians to hone in on other talents could benefit children who may have other music-related talents. For example, your child may have the undiscovered "gift" of songwriting. This is something that they could discover at a camp by listening to various forms of music and musical instruments. 


Camps are supervised environments. Even if you enroll your child into a day camp that offers musical lessons, discipline is something that they will learn. This is because they will be interacting with other enrollees. They may also be expected to have certain tasks completed within a certain time frame. If you enroll your child in a camp that offers one-on-one instruction, they will discipline themselves to learn important points about music during their designated instruction times. 

Leadership Skills

Many musical camps have performances at the close of their sessions. If your child isn't a virtuoso in music, their progress or other strengths could still make them shine like a "golden harp." Imagine your little one acting as the conductor in the final chapter of a first-rate musical camp experience.