How Piano Lessons Could Benefit Your Child

Posted on: 22 January 2019

If you have a young child and are interested in getting them involved in something besides playing video games after school, you might want to look at getting them to learn a musical instrument. While different instruments can offer different advantages, one classic instrument that is proven to offer multiple benefits to children who study it is the piano. Here are three reasons why you should sign your child up for piano lessons today. 

Improve Their Hand-Eye Coordination

When your child is first learning the piano, they will likely have to stare at the keys as they press them. Over time though, your child will memorize the location of the keys and learn how to press the right keys as they look at the sheet music. As this process accelerates, your child's hand-eye coordination will likely improve. If you start your child early enough, this process could provide a significant boost to your child's overall motor skills as their body continues to grow and develop.

Improve Their Focus in Other Areas

If your child seems like they have trouble focusing on one particular task, piano lessons can help correct this issue. Good piano playing requires a child to focus intensely on the task ahead of them both while learning a new song and then while putting it all together to actually play the full tune. By teaching your child how to stay focused, you will empower him or her to take this skill into other areas like studying for or taking a test at school or staying locked in during an athletic competition.

Improve Their Self-Confidence

Sure, your child might not feel very good about their piano skills when they are first starting out. But if they stick with it and become good enough to give a performance in front of another person, that could go a long way towards improving their self-confidence. Going out on a stage and performing a song at a piano recital will give your child experience with performing in front of a large crowd. They'll have to stay locked in and trust in their own ability to get the job done, and that is something that could obviously help them in multiple other areas throughout their life.

Piano lessons aren't just for potential musical geniuses. Learning piano is a great way for a child to improve their hand-eye coordination, increase their overall focus and discipline at school and boost their own self-confidence while they're at it. Contact a piano lessons expert today for more information.