Opportunities That You May Have To Perform On The Piano

Posted on: 5 August 2019

If you're debating whether or not you should be taking piano lessons, you might try to think about future opportunities in which you could play the piano in front of others. While you'll obviously do lots of practicing on your own, and may occasionally play when your family members are around, it can be easy to overlook the future chances that you might have to perform. Even if you don't have any aspirations to appear on stage in front of a large audience, here are some ways that you might perform on the piano for the enjoyment of a small group.

At A House Party

It's possible that you'll find yourself at a house party in the future and have the conversation shift to music. Perhaps someone at the gathering has a guitar, and maybe someone else is a competent singer. If the house has a piano, this can be an opportunity for you to grab a seat at it and play for those in attendance. Even if you've never envisioned yourself as a performer, the act of playing some tunes with a few other musicians — even on an impromptu basis — could whet your appetite to perform more in the future.

At A Hotel

Sometimes, hotels have pianos in the lobby, the bar, or elsewhere that guests are free to use when they wish. If you happen to be staying at such a hotel in the future, you might feel inspired and play a song for those around you. For example, if you're in the bar having a few drinks with a couple of friends, you could decide to surprise them by demonstrating your aptitude on the piano. This can make for a fun and memorable moment, especially if your friends didn't know that you've been taking lessons.

At A Work Function

You might find yourself in the future attending a work function at a venue at which there's a piano in the corner. Maybe it's an awards banquet at a local conference center, for example. While it can take some nerves to play the piano in front of your boss and your colleagues, you might decide that it's time for your peers to see a different side of you. Sitting down at the piano and playing a few notes should be enough to draw some people over to you, and it can make a memorable moment for you and your co-workers as they stand around the piano and enjoy your musical aptitude.

If you're interested in taking advantage of these potential opportunities, contact a provider of private piano lessons near you in order to learn more about how to get started learning the piano today.