• 3 Reasons to Work with a Motown Record Producer

    Motown music originally became popular in the '60s, but it remains a creative and noteworthy style of music today. If you enjoy the R&B rhythms of Motown, creating your own music is a great way to contribute to the genre. Whether you're new to the music scene or you're an established musician, working with a record producer can help you introduce your music to a wider audience. Here are three reasons to work with a Motown record producer:
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  • Rock Lessons For Beginners

    If your child idolizes a popular rock band and has been demonstrating an interest in forming a group of their own, you may have chosen to pursue rock lessons. Rock lessons will introduce your child to the standard instruments that are used in a band. Additionally, your child will have the opportunity to perform alone or with other musicians. An Overview Some adolescents may be intrigued by a particular instrument and the sounds that it makes, but this is not always the case.
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