Rock On Your Finger? Rock At Your Wedding!

Posted on: 28 July 2020

Music is the heart and soul of a party. Any wedding planner knows that the DJ and the band are some of the most important players of the evening. This is one area where a couple can truly showcase their unique style. If you and your fiance have a livelier vibe and want to give your guests a night to remember, why not consider a rock band? Not every couple needs to dance to "Kiss Me" and "You're Still the One." Rock bands can provide a variety of selections from soft rock ballads to powerhouse dance hits to fuel the energy of your big day.

Here are eight questions to consider before booking a rock wedding band for your event:

1. Can the band play the most important songs you are looking for?

Within the scope of their genre, a band should be able to play your preferred selections. Some bands have pre-determined set lists, while others are open to guest requests. Reasonable fees may be charged for any specific arrangements the band needs to write to accommodate your song list. You'll want to make sure the tunes make sense throughout the evening's itinerary.

2. Are you able to listen to the band perform before booking?

Watching a band perform live will give you the best preview of what your wedding event would sound like. See if you can sit in on your prospective band's next public gig to determine whether you like their sound. Ask the musicians whether they perform everything live or supplement with pre-recorded tracks.

3. Is the band a good fit for your reception space?

Ask about your musician's acoustic and equipment requirements. Does your venue have the appropriate extension cords, backup generator, speakers, etc. or would these have to be rented separately? Will the sound level be workable for all the guests, with separate, quieter areas for conversation? Some bands perform with lighting and effects. Consider if these are suitable for your soiree.

4. Will the price tag fit your budget?

Make sure you know what the music package includes and whether the price is workable within your wedding budget. Does the total include DJ services, or will that need to be arranged separately? Most bands have a minimum time they will play, with scheduled breaks. Some bands give the option to book a few members (instead of the whole group) for a lower fee. You'll want to double-check that the rate includes liability insurance in case of any mishaps. Knowing the band's cancellation and sick day policies will give you additional peace of mind.