• 5 Tips For Improving Your Piano Skills For Beginners

    If you want to learn an instrument, the piano is a classic choice. A piano is an instrument that people of all ages can learn to play. If you are just learning how to play the piano, here are a few tips that will help you improve your skills. Tip #1: Keep Your Touch Light When it comes to learning how to play the piano, make sure you keep your touch light.
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  • How To Get Your Own Music Onto A Radio Streaming App

    You like to make your own music, and you want to get your tunes out there to the masses. You play live shows and have even recorded an album that you sell online and at various venues, but you want more. You know that in order to book more gigs, you have to make your music more well-known, and the more you can reach a wider audience, the more you can keep old fans and create new fans.
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