Private Harp Lessons

Posted on: 28 December 2020

The harp is a unique instrument that is eye-catching, due to its size and shape. This type of instrument will allow you to express yourself, through the manner in which you lightly or firmly strum the strings. Your concentrated efforts may improve with consistent practice, which can aid in improving each technique necessary to play a musical piece. Seek private music lessons that can be conducted from home or at an instructor's home or office.

Video Conference Lessons

Video lessons will be given in real-time, and you and your instructor can see one another throughout each session. You will learn about the placement of your bench and the manner in which your harp should be aligned, allowing you to access the series of strings.

If you have previously received formal piano or organ lessons, you will not have difficulty learning to play the harp, since reading music is a requirement of harp playing. However, even without previous lessons, you can pick up the techniques necessary for harp playing.

Your teacher may request that you purchase a music book that you can follow along with, and they will go over the basics associated with reading music. Marking the top or bottom frame of your harp, with small letters that coordinate to the musical chart, will aid in choosing the right strings during practice. 

In-Person Sessions

In-person sessions include having an instructor come to your home, or visiting the instructor at their home or place of business. With either type of lesson, you can choose a private session that lasts for an hour or longer. Like online lessons, your instructor will demonstrate the proper placement of your seat and the lineup of your instrument.

Your teacher may provide a demonstration, which will include them sitting down on your bench and classifying the strings of the instrument. A music stand can be used to set up your music book so that you can easily follow along with your instructor or attempt to read the music when it is your turn to play.

Pre-Recorded Teachings

Pre-recorded teachings that can be accessed online will act as a supplement to the standard lessons that you take through a private instructor. Use online teachings to help you practice a specific song or to learn the proper placement of your hands. This type of practice can help you master harp playing in a short amount of time. 

The harp is a wonderful instrument to learn. If you are interested in private music lessons, reach out to a local instructor.