Music Radio Channels To Try If You Enjoy Classical Music

Posted on: 9 March 2021

If you love classical music (as a genre, not just music from the Classical period specifically), you'll want to try listening to related music as well. Here are four types of related music channels to try as you explore the possibilities of a music radio streaming service.

1. Gregorian chants

Gregorian chants come from way back at the beginning of music history. But despite its ancient roots, this type of music is still performed today. While they're not exactly what you expect from classical music, the simple vocal lines are similar to music from the Medieval and Renaissance periods of music history (although Gregorian chant developed before the beginning of these periods) and they have a unique attraction all their own.

Not every classical music buff will necessarily fall in love with Gregorian chants, but it's definitely worth trying a streaming channel with Gregorian chants just to see if you do enjoy this type of music.

2. Film soundtracks

Many film composers are trained in composition styles and techniques that allow them to write music very similar to classical music. Some film composers tend towards other styles (such as folk, pop, or new age), but many films even today have scores that classical music lovers will enjoy. So you may find a music radio channel with film music to be quite entertaining.

Of course, some soundtracks are written more skillfully than others, and some composers compose much more traditionally and tonally than others. A good place to start is by looking up period dramas with famous or critically-acclaimed soundtracks, and seeing where that takes you.

3. Instrumental or classical covers

If the instrumentation of classical music is what you love, you may enjoy listening to instrumental versions of modern-day songs. Some classically-trained musicians create entire albums of instrumental covers of pop songs and other modern-day musical works.

Music streaming channels with these arrangements can provide plenty of easy listening. It's always interesting (and sometimes a little disconcerting) to hear an interpretation of a familiar song in a totally different context and style than the songwriter conceptualized for it.

4. Celtic harp

The harp is a great classical instrument that can really shine when it has the chance. If you look up Celtic music, you'll find a lot of professional harp virtuosos who play the harp in Celtic and folk music styles, whether accompanied or unaccompanied.

While not identical to classical music (although a lot of classical music does have folk music elements or inspiration), this type of music is likely to please many classical music fans. So if the harp has always been one of your favorite instruments in classical music, give Celtic harp music radio channels a try.

These are just a few suggestions for music radio channels that you could branch out to if you enjoy listening to classical music. Use these ideas as a starting point as you explore what your music radio streaming service has to offer.