In Tune: Hiring A Professional Piano Tuner

Posted on: 11 August 2021

Pianos offer the musical world a truly unique sound that has long been adored and appreciated. But like any other instrument, pianos often go out of tune as they age. Ensuring that one's piano is properly tuned at all times will guarantee the best possible sound and playability from the instrument. Professional piano tuners are expertly trained to ensure the piano is in proper working order and hits all the right notes. As a result, keys, wires, tuning pins, and other mechanical aspects of the piano will be inspected with a highly trained eye. Here are just a few reasons why going professional is the best choice when it comes to piano tuning.

A Safer Experience

Tuning a piano oneself can lead to a dangerous situation and possible injury. Piano wires are known to be extremely sharp, and any tension that overextends their holding capabilities could lead to a wire snapping out of place. Hiring a professional to tune a piano is the safest way to maintain one's instrument. Piano tuning technicians are specially trained in how to inspect, tune and repair piano wires in regards to tuning and will take all the necessary measures to ensure the safety of everyone involved. In the case that a wire does break during the tuning process, the technician can repair it on the spot, saving even more time and effort on the owner's part. 

Give it Time

Tuning a piano can take a surprisingly long time. Attempting to tune a piano oneself may lead to hours upon hours of trying to discern the proper notes for each key and can lead to mounting frustration. Professional tuners will spend an average of one to two hours in order to properly tune a piano and ensure each note and the overall result are harmonious and correct. This relatively quick service will guarantee that the piano is in proper working order and is ready to be played. Technicians will also give a cursory inspection of the instrument to ensure that no repairs need to be given beforehand. Expect enough time to also discuss any concerns or issues that may arise from playing the instrument, as this will give the technician ample time to address these issues. 

Hitting the Right Notes

The greatest benefit to hiring a professional tuner is knowing that the piano is in perfect working order and correctly tuned. Especially for musicians or events such as recitals, a correctly tuned piano is a must and cannot be compromised in any way. The mechanical aspects of a piano are also incredibly complex and numerous and must be handled with professional care. Tuning pins, for instance, can be manipulated in a variety of ways depending on their location in the piano. Only a professional tuner will carry the expertise necessary for working with these mechanical elements. With the finished result, the owner will know that their instrument not only sounds great but is prepped for success in every aspect.