Good Piano Tuning Services Keeps A Family Heirloom In Good Condition

Posted on: 11 November 2022

For many people, having a piano in the house provides a way to relax and enjoy some time alone. It can also create a fun and festive atmosphere with friends and family. A good piano is a good investment and can also be a family heirloom of sorts. However, to keep the instrument in good condition and protect your investment, you are going to need to have it tuned regularly. Most experts agree you should have piano tuning services done yearly at a minimum.  Having it tuned provides a number of benefits, here are just a few.


Of course, the main reason to have your piano tuned is the sound. Over time, the weather can affect the wood and metal in the instrument, causing them to shift or move. Any movement will cause some change in its tone. This is why you should always have your piano tuned any time it is moved and why you should keep it from moving across the floor.


As the tuner is adjusting the strings and keys, they pay attention to the condition of things. This allows them to make minor repairs before they become something major. If they notice that some of the strings are becoming weak, they can replace them. This way, you will not have to call the tuner out on an emergency visit because you had plans for using the instrument that evening with your family.


While almost everything will eventually degrade to the point of being useless, when properly cared for a piano can last over 100 years.  This means the piano you learned to play as a child could also be the one your great-great-grandchild uses too. Of course, a well-made and well-maintained piano will only increase in value. While you hope it will never be sold and stay in the family forever, it could also be the thing that keeps the family from becoming homeless. Just be sure to sell it to someone who will appreciate it and is willing to keep the story of it alive.

Maintaining a piano is not hard if it has always been properly cared for. Find a company that provides good piano tuning services and create a relationship with them that will last for many years to come. You can always call a school or universities music department for a recommendation. They will gladly help you keep your instrument in good shape for as long as your family owns it.

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