Soundproofing An At-Home Recording Studio

Posted on: 2 December 2015

Whether you're a hobbyist musician or a professional voice actor, having an at-home recording studio can be incredibly convenient. But no matter how much you invest in your technology, you're still likely to encounter some issues with background noises. A professional recording studio is constructed to isolate sound as much as possible, and there are limits as to what can be done in post-processing. You'll need to soundproof your room if you're going to produce polished, high-quality recordings.
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What Instruments Are Used In Traditional Irish Folk Music?

Posted on: 18 November 2015

Irish folk music has been a favorite among music lovers for many years. This type of folk music has a very distinct sound that is appreciated by people of all ages. A variety of musical instruments are used for playing traditional Irish folk songs. These are some of the different kinds of instruments that are played to create the sweet melodies of Irish folk music. Accordions  Accordions are commonly used when playing traditional Irish folk music.
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You're Never Too Old To Handle These Keys: 3 Myths That Keep You From Taking Adult Piano Lessons

Posted on: 14 October 2015

You'll find the words "learn to play piano" on many adults' bucket lists. That's because the piano is such a versatile instrument, it can be used to play nearly any type of music from classical to jazz. And even if the power goes out, a standard piano will still give music and keep your loved ones entertained while you wait for the lights to come back on.  More importantly, learning the piano at a later age will keep your brain sharp.
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How to Get Your Kids to Respect Your Piano

Posted on: 7 October 2015

If you have children, chances are good that you are going to witness them acting in ways that aren't particularly respectful towards furniture. You might see them jumping on the couch, putting their shoes on chairs, and generally mistreating your furniture. You have likely established ground rules for the furniture in order to keep it from being totally destroyed. If you have a piano in your home, it's a good idea to establish a similar set of ground rules.
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